" Shree Kalikadevi Patsanstha ,Karad


HOUSE LOAN               

Purpose To acquire /construct House/Flat for self accommodation or to takeover housing loan from financial institutions.
Loan Amount Up to 25 lacs
Rate Of Interest 13%
Margin 50%
Repayment Maximum upto 5 years.
Various Repayment Options : Regular/ Stepup/Accelerated.
Processing Charges 1% of Loan Amount
(Exclusive of Stamp Duty for Mortgage).
Security : Equitable/Registered mortgage of flat/house.
Two Guarenter(Share Holder)

GOLD LOAN               

Why do you go for Personal or Business loan? If you have gold !!!! Get loan against gold within a minute.
Avail Loan up to 25 lacs Pledge your Gold Ornaments or Jewellery and draw cash against it.
Depending on the net weight and purity of the gold, cash will be disbursed. We have various schemes that will enable you to make your favourable choice !

Terms & Conditions: 10000/- Rs For 10 Grm Gold
Processing Charges 1% of Loan Amount
Two Guarenter(Share Holder)

VEHICLE LOAN               

Loan Amount
Brand New Vehicle : 75% of Invoice Value.
Rate of Interest
For New Vehicle : Repayment Period upto 2.5 years. 13.00%
Processing Charges 1% of Loan Amount
Two Guarenter(Share Holder)

CASH CREDIT               

Type of Facility Term Loan
Eligibility The business units like Small Business Enterprises (SBE), Traders should have been established in the line of business for a minimum period of 5 years & making profits for last 2 years and submission of IT returns for three years
Loan Limits Maximum Rs.25.00 Lacs
Repayment Period one year.
Rate of Interest Minimum 13.00% P.A. (subject to change as per change in PLR)
Security Hypothecation of stock & book-debts and Mortgage of immovable property Which is 50% value of Loan, (preferably commercial).

Processing Charges 1% of Loan Amount
Two Guarenter(Share Holder)

PERSONAL LOAN               

Loan Amount Up To 50,000/-
Interest Rate14%
Repayment Period1 Year

Loan Document: :
1) Two Guarrentor(Share Holder)
2) Two Photo Copies
3) Address Proof.