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RTGS For Customer Transaction / Remittances

            The Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) System aims to do what e-mail did for the post card. Instead of sending instructions for payments through cheques, with Real Time Gross Settlement System banks can route payments through on-line messages to RBI’s RTGS Payment Gateway. As electronic messages move instantaneously the transactions can be concluded immediately unlike in the case of cheque clearing. In RTGS environment the payer has to inform his bank to debit his account and credit the payee’s account with an equivalent amount. With RTGS, money would move faster and transactions would be settled in a matter of minutes and the payee would have funds in his account within a maximum time-frame of two hours of the settlement. RTGS facilitate the funds transfer across the Banks and Branches. At present 95 Banks and 1435 Branches are under RTGS system. Under RTGS system Inter Bank transactions and Customer Transactions has been enabled by the Reserve Bank of India. Customer Transaction can be outward or inward remittances i.e. Funds can be transferred by or received by the Customer under RTGS system. The unique feature of the system is unlike other clearing system in RTGS Funds can be transferred or received Just In Time i.e. within 2 hours of instructions so given that to at cost less than draft charges. For sending the funds through the RTGS all you have to do is fill & sign the Funds Transfer Instruction Form ( available at Branches ) along with all the necessary details, such as Name of the beneficiary,Name of the Bank and Branch, A/c No. and IFSC Code of the beneficiary’s Bank. For receipt of the funds. you need to give the IFSC Code of our Bank & Branch to the remitter of the funds.After the instructions are received in prescribed form, duly signed in we will remit the funds through RTGS and within 2 hours funds will be credited to beneficiary’s account.